STYRO has done many amazing works at Global Village Dubai for the last few years. Our Customized Designs and innovative art works have attracted millions of people. Not only end customer, but also clients have always been very happy and satisfied with out product quality, services and aftersale. We are proud to say that we have always been the preferred partners to all our clients, and that we are always their first choice. We are specialized in 3D models, Interior & Exterior Decorations, sculptures, crafting and carving, walls and stages, stands and booths… and the list goes and goes along… We can offer you magnificent pieces of arts beyond your expectation.

Styro has done many fascinating works for the Iranian, African, Moroccan, European Pavilions and many more pavilions in the past years of the Global Village and our experts always offer incredible solutions to all your decoration needs. Our highly experienced people has provided innovatory decorative solutions to different sectors throughout the UAE and the neighboring regions


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