STYRO Ceilings​

STYRO Ceiling Tiles

STYRO ceiling tiles with lightweight feature and custom-made design provide a fascinating visual to your space. They are manufactured with state-of-the-art CNC machines. Various custom-made finished tiles are widely used as architectural ceiling tiles.

STYRO Decorative Ceiling

STYRO creative elements provide elegance that radiate a sense of sophistication from each masterpiece. STYRO ceiling is a novel innovation in the world of interiors for custom made look and texture. In addition to excellent insulation factors and lightweight features, STYRO coating system provides a technical and consistent appearance.

STYRO Themed Ceiling

A ceiling functions as a statement of material, artistic preferences and not merely as a roof-over-head. STYRO themed ceiling is designed to achieve aesthetics factors and to integrate with the buildings essential elements incredibly.

STYRO Suspended Ceiling

STYRO suspended ceiling is an ideal solution for an impressive and enthralling ceiling design. We make it possible to visually translate your preference and brand a statement of radiance and sophistication. It is strong, lightweight and can be customized according to your needs.