Powering Tomorrow by Applying Green Ideas

Our products can help save a considerable amount of energy. The energy used to produce polystyrene foam insulation for a typical house is regained after only one year through the amount of energy saved. It is also physically and chemically inert. It contains no known biological or physiological irritant, thus it is environment-friendly and it also is free from chlorine content.


Above block drawings illustrate the process of manufacturing of Expanded polystyrene (EPS) from the Expandable polystyrene beads. Four stages can be seen in the figure-1. First the beads are fed to a vertical tank containing an agitator and a controlled steam input. The final material density is determined at this stage…..

Class A Fire Retardant

It’s a great achievement to be the only Class A fire retardant EPS manufacturer/supplier in the United Arab Emirates. Our outstanding EPS has been tested according to the International standards (ASTM E84) as per standard test method for surface burning….

General Instructions

Application: EPS products have versatile applications due to its unique nature and physical properties. It can be used as an insulation, construction fill, decoration, and for various packing and packaging applications. Fire fighting: storing EPS…