The demand of STYRO Domes are increasing day by day as it is used effectively in wide range of construction and decoration
projects . When choosing STYRO Domes you are getting a material with built-in features that provide several benefits.

Compressive Strength
Environmentally Safe
Long Lasting

Recommended Product: STYRO 290

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Features of STYRO EIFS Domes

  • Self-Insulated
  • Easy to Install – Saves time & effort
  • Cost effective
  • Excellent Dimensional Stability
  • Flexible in Design and Shape
  • Class A fire Retardant
  • Durability
  • Light- weight & Durable
  • Good flexural Strength (From 70 to 350 KPA)
  • Water & Weather proof

Domes Flyer

Domes Flyer