STYRO can supply alkali resistant fiber mesh suitable for EIFS / ETICS applications. Fiber mesh quality is generally distinguished by GSM, Aperture size. Higher GSM is recommended for the EIFS, which needs a high impact resistant and for lower impact, vice versa.

Technical specs. of Fiber Mesh

  • Stand roll size : 1 x 50 meters
  • Aperture size : 5 x 5 mm or 10 x 10mm
  • GSM : from 100 -500 GSM (grams per square meter)
Acid & Salt Resistant
Alkali proof

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Applications and Usage of Fiber Mesh

  • Reinforcement layer for EIFS / ETICS applications
  • Used as reinforcement liner for plaster & mortar
  • Reinforcement liner for edges & corner beading
  • Used as Composite concrete liner
  • Used as decorative element , architectural fixer
  • High impact resistant plastering / rendering

Benefits of Fiber Mesh

  • Flexible
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Treated with Alkali resistant
  • Available at wide ranges of GSM
  • FR, SE grade
  • Compatible with cement concrete and all building materials