Application: Expanded Polystyrene ceiling tiles are used as a decorative AND thermal cum acoustic insulation purpose. It is commonly used in ceilings, but sometime as a decorative wall mounting as well.

Description: Expanded Polystyrene ceiling tiles are the optimum solution for not only technically useful benefits, but also beautiful custom-made designs. With its light weight and durability, EPS ceiling tiles are manufactured with state-of-the-art CNC machines. Tiles design can be either standard or customized as per the client’s needs. Gold, silver, acrylic, mirrors finished or multi colored tiles are widely used as decorative elements. In fact, this application can be customized into a lot more materials and finished as per the client’s desire.

Density: The density may vary from 24-45 Kgs/M3.

Size: Normally it is available in standard sizes of 600x600x25/50mm; however any size is possible depending on the clients’ wish.

Ceiling Decoration
Custom Finishing
Custom Paint
Custom Sizes

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