41st National Day Celebration at STYRO

The UAE National Day has been an auspicious event for the past four decades – for both Emiratis and Expatriates alike. We celebrate it with much pride, energy, and spirit that bonds us all together and enables us to coexist and live harmoniously in a sustainable cosmopolitan community – regardless of nationality, background, or ethnicity. A unique community blend that fosters prosperity and empowers people to realize their dreams and aspirations.

STYRO is the brand name of our products for UAE 41 national day. We are very excited to be a part of this important event and we are sure that we can provide a magnificent look and feel to the most important day of UAE.

We are certain that all our respected customers are aware of our services and products in event decorations and impressive achievements we have made so far. We think we can bring you ideas for this special day that will make your patrons decide in your favor. In fact, we are so thrilled that we are providing you solutions that are eco- friendly yet aesthetic.

We are available for further elaboration of our proposal to give you a better understanding of its successful execution. Precisely we will oversee the assigned task, and we will work with you as team “B” to turn the idea into reality. We will customize all the decoration as per your needs, and we will inform you about the production stages in order to meet the deadline set for the event. We know how challenging any events can be, therefore, we further invite you to meet our skilled team at our vicinity to make it more transparent, and the only thing you’ll have to do is “grab the project” .From there, we can plan the rest!

Our team genuinely looks forward to working with everyone who will partnership with Styro to make this special day unforgettable. We have prepared the sketches for you and concept in details. Of course, these ideas are just a starting point. We would look forward to hearing from you further about us making your project an unforgettable success!

Styro customers from different sectors are in need of event planning for UAE national day celebrations.

The Styro team can facilitate the event in terms of budget, perfection and time. We have assembled a preliminary selection of theme focusing on our concept.

It was an amazing day at STYRO on 29th November. All Styro staff came up with a spirit to celebrate the National UAE day. Our special thanks go to the Marketing Department for organizing this high initiative. An official speech made by M. Walid, our respected General Manager followed by cultural programs and a plenty of food presented by our STYRO chefs from different countries. The outstanding event showed the team unity and dedication to work-life in the UAE