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Insulation Industry

Durability Meets Convenience

STYRO provides complete insulation and construction solutions for residential, commercial, infrastructural and governmental structures. Our services cover consultation, materials, and installation of various products that ensure proper insulation from liquids, gases, and soundproofing. In addition to our non-dispensable elements for constructions.

Heat and Cold Insulation

The prime reason behind “STYRO” thermal insulation is provided to the building premises is to inhibit the transfer of heat energy to or from a building. This in turn has the desirable effect of promoting a more comfortably stable internal environment together with reduced air-conditioning cost both in terms of a reduction in size of necessary air-conditioning plant and subsequent lower energy cost in plant operation. In practical terms, in the Gulf environment, STYRO thermal insulation is the best solution to reduce the heat gains across the building structure from the higher ambient temperature to the artificially maintained internal conditions and comfort. STYRO’s structure as a material helps it totally isolate the passage of thermal energy from one side to the other, which makes it great insulation material for all types of buildings structures and corporate venues.

Window air-conditioners, packaged units, water coolers, deep freezers, domestic refrigerators, milk and soft drink vending machines etc. Themselves needs thermal insulation to segregate hot and cold sections within the equipments, STYRO moulded or cut sections are used as partitions for the above applications.

STYRO Thermal Insulation in Transport and Cold Stores

STYRO thermal insulation is used as core material to the insulated sandwich panels which is ideal for the refrigerated trucks, wagons, tankers for liquids, insulated trucks for the transport of ice cream, milk , beverages and other foods products by road & air.

STYRO Thermal Insulation Conserving Food

Conserving food and food allied products verses rising population is a worldwide task ,the solution is not only increasing the food output but also in the simultaneous prevention of waste and spoilage of seasonal surpluses, since most foods stay longer time at low temperatures STYRO insulation for the cold store usage is the logical approach. STYRO insulation products are pioneered for the cold store food preservation with its’ outstanding set of properties.

STYRO thermal or cold insulation is also the best method favoured by engineers and construction firm. STYRO Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products which are used in building constructions and applications are flame retardant, environment friendly &CFC free.

Sound Insulation

Sound/ noise has become a by-product of our day-to-day life. It’s just an irritant and it can mess up our sleep, add our stress, infringe on our privacy, and generally steal from our quality of life. Such unwanted stressful situations can be averted with the help of STYRO sound insulation panels.

Modern-days there are varieties of insulation materials/solutions are available in the market to keep away sound/noise from the buildings, however STYRO offers the best, economical, environment friendly solutions, few of them are as follows.

  • STYRO sound insulation panel is one of the most basic elements in securing the comfort of the inhabitants or the high quality of work in the audio/music industry whether it’s a residential venue, a specialized location, a studio, or a large auditorium/ theater.
  • STYRO sound insulation panel structure holds cells, tightly packed next to each other, filled with air. The air is totally isolated and therefore it behaves as a sound wave inhibitor and does not allow sound waves to travel beyond it. The best method of Styro sound insulation will secure a very comfortable and calm life in today’s world of speed and sound.
  • For walls, it can be achievable by creating void space between the walls and introducing STYRO sound insulation panels (with pyramid facing one side) between the cavities.
  • For roof either it can be used as light weight screed (polystyrene beads mixed with concrete) or STYRO sound insulation panels laid under the screed. Lately using Styro hourdi blocks are becoming more popular, cost effective methods in this case.
  • For flooring , floating floor method is used, floating floor is flooring where light weight cement screed is laid on a insulating layer and can freely oscillate, thus acting as spring mass system. This substantially prevents the penetration of structure borne sound in to the floor structure.

STYRO can also provide solutions for any specific requirement on sound and acoustic insulation upon request.

Pipe Insulation

By virtue of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) pipe section’s physical and thermal properties, it’s widely utilized as an insulating material to insulate the chilled water systems to prevent the condensation and to protect against freezing.

Besides, EPS pipe sections are extensively used to insulate the refrigerant pipes and other utility lines in the cold stores thus to prevent the refrigeration losses and condensation. Generally, working efficiency of the refrigerant equipments will obviously depend on the quality and reliability of the insulation material which used, such circumstances EPS pipe insulation dictates that it is nothing but the best insulation material.

For almost 50 years, EPS pipe and duct insulation has secured a firm position for itself as an insulating material in the chemical factories, textile and paper mills, ice factories, dairies breweries, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) and all kind of processing industries.


Why EPS Pipe Sections are Considered as the Best for Insulation?

From the engineering and economic aspects, it is often advisable or even essential to protect pipelines from heat losses and condensation. Low thermal conductivity, low permeability to water vapor, low water absorption, high dimensional stability, good mechanical strength and protection from fire hazards are the aspects which will constitute the ideal insulating material. EPS pipe expanded polystyrene pipe section incorporates all these aspects well and is therefore particularly effective.

If at all EPS pipe sections get mechanically damaged during fixing or installation, the damage will be localized and water will not spread to the remainder of the insulation as happened with most other material. This great advantage is due to the fact EPS pipe sections have a completely closed cell structure.

EPS pipe section does not support infection or pest life and is unaffected by fungi and bacteria, making it the ideal choice for pipes operating in areas such as food processing etc. , where the highest degree of hygiene is required.

EPS pipe sections are manufactured on “made to order basis” according to the customer’s sizes and specifications. It can be cut-with shiplap joints and tongue & groove arrangement with the aid of high-tech CAD / CAM – CNC machines. Normally EPS pipe sections are cut in to two halves with readily wrapped-FRK facing (foil reinforced kraft paper) in order to simplify the installation works at the sites.


How to Place an Oder for Pipe Section?

EPS pipe section can be ordered by providing the following basic information or alternatively you can call / send us your requirement by mentioning application temperature and other details in order to recommend a suitable one.


Basic Information to be Provided to Place the Order

  • Nominal diameter of the pipe
  • Type of material to be insulated such as steel, PVC or copper
  • Thickness of the insulation
  • Density of the insulation
  • With FRK (foil reinforced kraft paper) facing or without
  • Quantity in running meters

Construction Industry   

An innovative construction material, expanded polystyrene blocks (EPS blocks), has been introduced in geotechnical engineering in recent years. Because of its extremely light weight and ease in handling, it provides an alternative to conventional backfill, embankment earth materials, and lightweight fill. It is anticipated that the use of EPS blocks in the construction industry may result in substantial cost savings.

New applications of EPS blocks as structural elements are expected to emerge as engineers learn more about this material. A series of laboratory tests were conducted to determine the mechanical properties of EPS blocks. Included are the results of undrained triaxial tests with volume change measurements for the determination of a constitutive relationship, a repeated loading test, punching shear tests, and a long-term creep test. The test results show several distinctive material characteristics, including a bilinear stress-strain relationship and negative poisson’s ratio that are not common in conventional construction materials. The results of this study can readily be incorporated in detailed analyses of various geotechnical engineering structures constructed with EPS blocks.

Void Formers   

Having an excellent comprehensive strength, superior workability and durability, expanded polystyrene (EPS) blocks are widely used in modern bridges as filling material which saves substantial concrete and cost. STYRO EPS is used as void formers in bridges and utility piping. STYRO EPS also meets and exceeds the technical specifications of astho standards.


Hourdi Block     

STYRO hourdi blocks are used to create spaces, void shapes, and hole by moulding the cement around the bodies of EPS. When the cement solidifies, EPS are easily removed and thereby creating blank spaces. These spaces are provisions for cables and electrical networks within the walls or structures of buildings.



Since expanded polystyrene (EPS) is light weight and have an excellent buoyancy floatation, it is widely used as pontoons in floating bridges. It has an excellent water, weather proof properties and does not react with water which promotes fungus formation.


Wall Cladding    

Wall cladding lightweight building systems provides energy efficient and cost effective cladding which saves you time and money.

When installed, wall cladding EPS panels are coated with tender and texture system, providing a genuine seamless lightweight decorative finish which is perfect for both domestic and commercial applications.

EPS boards are increasingly being used in wall claddings as it provides a thermally efficient, aesthetically pleasing and an economically wise cladding system. The STYRO EPS cladding system has a wide range of EPS boards which contains insect repellant additives.


Benefits of Using the STYRO Wall Cladding System:          

  • Cost effective
  • Flexible designs
  • High impact strength
  • Insect resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Flame retardant
  • Biologically inert (will not rot)
  • Environment friendly


Piling and Guide Wall    

STYRO – Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) cylinders are used as shore pilling and guide wall in the construction industry for loose soil foundation. These cylinders can be made any size, design using high tech/CAM cutting machines with good accuracy and consistency used in enveloping cables, pipes and infrastructure networks, Styro once more proves to be one of the most versatile materials there is piling is also for stuffing decorations and enhancing scenery, using for piling is one of the best methods for safety lightweight and low costs.

Food Industry   

Protective & Creative     

STYRO offers a diverse range of packing solutions for shipping and storing purposes. Our materials guarantee maximum levels of preservation and protection for your goods. Leave it to the pros to create custom-made special packages for various items and occasions.

Vegetable Boxes             

Food and vegetation should always be kept dry, cool, and well-preserved to maintain their freshness, for long period of time regardless of the exterior environmental condition. STYRO vegetable boxes are the best solution for such task because of their great insulating qualities. The fact that its composition is static, the inner walls of the boxes will not break down, nor rot, or scrap off into the contents of the boxes. Our vegetable boxes are food grade and CFC free.

Fish Boxes          

Since STYRO cool boxes has no nutritional value. Moulds, moss, and bacteria will never develop in its linings or on its surfaces.

This placed them on high demand among all the types of chemicals and materials used in the food industry, especially in the poultry and fish industries. Fishes are known to have a high level of proteins, salts, and nutrients, which attracts bacterial growths at any given chance. STYRO fish boxes are the best-known solutions to contain fisheries and derivative products on all levels of mass shipments for restaurants and commercial outlets, as well containers while mobilizing them.

All our STYRO cool boxes are food grade, CFC Free, and stackable.


Snow white, lightweight, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is ideal for packaging applications due to it’s physical properties, in particular it’s cushioning characteristics, dimension stability and its thermal and moisture resistance. The hard and soft nature of STYRO packaging products makes it highly resistant to shock, heat, and circumstantial movements. Whether it is for long-distance shipping, or for wrapping fragile gift items STYRO Packaging products is the most suitable and convenient solution.

For more than a decade, the effectiveness of STYRO packaging products has been proven in numerous packaging applications used by a wide variety of industries, consumer product manufacturers and shipping companies. Custom-made STYRO packaging products are highly effective in protecting sensitive electronic components, consumer goods and office equipments. It serves as protection for laptops, mobile phones, fragile medical equipment, and other sensitive electronic gadgets.

The extraordinary combination of lightness, rigidity and shock absorption, high insulating properties and moisture resistance have made STYRO Packaging products a popular choice in the food packaging, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Virtually speaking STYRO packaging products can be molded in any size and shape, it is well suited automatic production lines.

A key benefit of STYRO packaging product is that 100% recyclable , CFC free thus environment friendly and it can be reprocessed and molded in to new packaging products or durable goods.

Packing Chips    

The use of STYRO packaging chips is another convenient solution of providing protection when packaging fragile objects, for long distance or overseas shipments. The chips form a high-resistance pad that envelopes the object and therefore protects it from shock, sudden movements, and sudden temperature changes. STYRO packaging chips are very light, they occupy minimal volume, and could be packed in boxes of all sizes and shapes.

Technical Works              

STYRO combines imagination with state-of-the-art technology in sake of innovating breath taking creations for all sorts of occasions and festivities. Styro has the capability and expertise to portray the trendiest and most fitting decorations, in addition to art masterpieces.

Interior Decoration         

One method of using STYRO in interior decorations is crown moulding. It is a decorative strip that is attached to the top of the walls where the wall and the ceiling meet. Crown moulding is available in variety of different patterns and styles. This will give consumers the freedom to choose whichever type of crown moulding best fits their preferences. STYRO is proud to be one of the biggest suppliers of EPS for such interior decorations, catering to a wide market in UAE, GCC, and the middle east.


STYRO Hut          

  • Knock down system
  • Material is Expanded Polystyrene
  • Fabricated as per your request
  • Size and colors are as per your specifications
  • Fire retardant

Roman Pillars

Several theatrical decorations require a lot of work and could cost fortunes, just like the thematic decorations for high end firms. Buildings such as Roman and Greek style pillars are too much to make in reality only to be used as props and backgrounds on stages and studios. This is why STYRO created the best options, as it could be shaped into any model and colored into any shade to look as real as the genuine image and object.



STYRO balls are mostly used in decorations and as accessories for various events and themes, from perfect ball shapes to varying designs and sizes. STYRO material is always flexible and malleable enough to satisfy any requirement for any ball size and design.


Light weight stands ranging from small kiosks and exhibitions to larger stands for point of sales and promotional booths.

They are large, colourful, strong, and light for mobility and safety. STYRO produces all sizes and types of stands that cater to any market, from children stands and play areas, into more sophisticated exhibition stands and showcasing structures.



Used in building miniature homes or plantation resorts, STYRO homes are great spaces that could function for various goals and projects.


3D Figures          

Used in engineering, arts exhibitions, and medical modeling, STYRO’s flexibility and malleability are favored by all those who need 3D models in their work and products newer industries are also adopting the use of Styro in 3D figure creation dummy mobile phones used in showrooms, 3D figures of cars and statues used in movies, and any use of 3D figures is best done using STYRO.