Acylic Chair made by Styro EPS

Yet again another marvelous piece of art by our artists at Styro. Styro Acrylic Chair is made by using EPS and Acrylic. The Big Styro EPS block has been cut into the chair/human face shape by using Computerized CNC cutting. The carving has been done on it to achieve the perfect shape and turn it into a fabulous 3D model. The Big Acrylic glass was cut into accurate small pieces by using our laser cutting machines. The hard coat (CPA coating) was applied on the EPS to stick the tiny mirror pieces on it. The Acrylic pieces are pasted carefully on the EPS Chair by using SSS Glue (the best adhesive glue in the field presented by Styro). The eyes are made by using blue acrylic and it is cut into customized shapes. The high density EPS block is used in this chair to provide perfect stability and strength with most comfort. The seat can take up to 150 kg weight. Anyone can use this acrylic chair so comfortably and it is safe too. The Acrylic coating adds beauty and elegance to this EPS Chair, not to mention the beautiful artistic touch of the human face.

We hope you love the Design of Styro EPS Chair. We expertise in 3D modeling works and we are equipped with skilled workers and advanced technology to make any 3D models as per your requirements.