Beautifying Your Birthday Party with STYRO UAE’s EPS Decorations

bday blog-styro-minBirthday parties are great ways to have fun amidst the busy life we have – no matter if it’s a birthday party for kids or adults, we need special occasions like this to celebrate the day we were born.

Organizing one may take a bit of an effort – it requires meticulous planning – from the theme you would want to have up to the decorations you would want to display. For your adornments, however, you can opt for EPS sheets for decoration and we can give it to you at STYRO UAE.

Before anything else, here are some of the things that you should follow when you are planning a birthday party:

Like what is mentioned earlier, it all starts with the theme. From here, you will be able to plan the design of the invitation cards, decorations, and all the craftworks needed at your party. You must take note though that the theme must reflect the interests of the birthday celebrant.

Decide where it must take place. The venue is an important matter. You can book for restaurants, hotels, or just in your backyard. It’s also advisable to seek for the celebrant’s opinion on this matter.

Finalize your guest list and invitations. Also, list down all the food, beverages, and entertainment that you will have at your party.

When this is set, all you have to worry about is the decoration of the venue. With that, however, we at STYRO can help you. We are the leading Expanded polystyrene suppliers in Dubai – with our Styrofoam 2D and 3D figures and adornments, you will be able to have a beautifully decorated venue. You can opt for our:

Dummy Cakes – No matter what kind of cake dummies that you want to display in your event, our talented workers can make it for you.

Stars – If your party is going to take place at night why not dimly lit your venue and put our colorful and glittery stars made from EPS sheets.

Cones – Is the party supposed to take place near the holidays? Perhaps cones can be a good decoration as well! At STYRO UAE, we will give you the bet cones there are.

3D Candles – How about 3D candles? For a venue that is dimly lit, these candles can surely brighten up the place and give a new kind of ambiance that your guests will surely love.

Balls – At STYRO UAE, we can make Styro balls of different sizes and designs. Just tell us how you want it to look like and we’ll make your visions real.

Snow Flakes – Since winter is coming, why not adorn the place with snowflakes? We can curate snowflakes intricately; you would actually think it’s close to reality.

Backdrops – If you are planning to set out a stage for your event, you will need a good backdrop – and we, STYRO UAE, can make it for you. No matter what your theme is, we can apply it to your backdrop delicately.

Letter Cutouts – Letter cutouts can often be seen in all types of event. It simply spells out the message you want to say like “Happy Birthday”, for example.

Number Cutouts – Of course if it’s a birthday party, the age will always be included in the cutouts – trust that we, STYRO UAE can make both letter and number cutouts for you.

2D and 3D Cartoon Characters – If you wish to display 2D or 3D representations of your favorite cartoon characters, we can do it through the help of our talented curators.

In fact, as a polystyrene product company that has been in the industry for long already, we can make not only products dedicated for art and décor but EPS products designed to be useful in the packing, packaging, insulation, and construction industries. We are renowned for executing such services; hence, if you need our help, we are always at your disposal