Celebrate Christmas with STYRO

Let it be a snowman, snowflakes, inside mall crescents, stars, interior decoration, a Christmas tree or any kind of Christmas celebration we do it all at our styro arts. Our artists will make custom size Christmas trees, snowmen and other Christmas presents from styrofoam. Previous years Christmas state of the art projects can be seen below. We promise the best and we are proud of our styro work. We always carve with a lot of attention to details. Our bigger projects include inside mall decoration for Christmas. Diversifying UAE market needs Christmas decorations in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other emirates.

Successful party lives on in everyone’s memory long after the last glass of punch has been sipped and the last bite of dessert eaten. When you are hosting a large party or celebration you want to create an exciting environment for your guests to relax in. Some simple decorations ideas can turn your house into a seasonal wonderland for holiday revelers. The sound of a crackling fire. The joy of newly fallen snow. The anticipation of Santa Claus. The smell of a cedar tree. The taste of a freshly baked Christmas cookie. At its very essence, Christmas holiday, that excites our senses. How things sound, look, feel, smell and taste evoke memories of holidays past, flooding us with emotions.

The best way to re-create these memories — and to create new memories for our families and friends — is to surround ourselves with things that remind us of the season. Christmas Decorating is one of the easy and simple ways to accomplish this. Whether you are planning a small get together or a large party, Christmas decorative ideas using polystyrene products from Styro will satiate the senses and fill all your guests with holiday spirit.

Before you begin constructing your Christmas centerpiece you need to know that with Styro Art & Deco department, creative and innovative Christmas decoration projects, and new Christmas ideas are designed specially to meet all customers’ requirements to celebrate your most important day.Christmas decoration and new ideas for Christmas are distinguished with different kind of themed Christmas events & New year projects. We can serve you where ever you are located, our specialized team can take you on a long journey throughout the amazing stream of decorative ideas and can meet you anywhere in UAE to present to you our Christmas decorative projects.

With Styro you can make your Christmas event come true. In this festive month and with the upcoming Dubai Christmas Festival, Styro created corporate and private events ideas to enjoy the spirit of this festive season.

Christmas tree decorations and Christmas light decorations in addition to all kind of ornaments are made of Styro, Polystyrene products.