General Instructions



EPS products have versatile applications due to its unique nature and physical properties. It can be used as an insulation, construction fill, decoration, and for various packing and packaging applications.

Fire Fighting

Storing EPS products ensures adequate firefighting equipment and sufficient fire exits that are kept clear at all times. In the event of fire, call the fire brigade, immediately informing them that EPS [expanded polystyrene] is involved. A small fire can be easily extinguished at early stages if tackled quickly with a water, CO2, dry powder or BCF extinguisher provided that the person tackling a fire in its early stages takes no undue risk.

Fire retardant material contains a uniformly distributed flame retardant. However such material must not be considered non-flammable and proper precautions must be heeded. Storage Store the product well away from fire, high temperature, electrical equipment’s and highly inflammable materials such as paint or similar materials.


Coloring of STYRO

All STYRO EPS products can be colored with water-based paints however oil paints can be applied with special protection coating.


STYRO EPS products can’t be exposed to direct sunlight in order to avoid ultraviolet (UV) degradation. A yellowish powder skin will be formed on the EPS when it is exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period. Ultraviolet (UV) has effects on the EPS surface that can be avoided by covering with opaque sheeting during extended periods of open-air storage. Or storing at shaded area. All STYRO EPS products must be stored well in a ventilated and shaded warehouse, it should be kept away from the source of heavy wind, flood, and fire.

STYRO EPS boxes are made with food grade EPS RM materials that are combustible. All areas where the product is used or stored must be designated very strictly “no smoking” and free of other potential ignition hazards.


Fire retardant grade EPS products should be used for food packaging applications in order to avoid food contamination. STYRO uses food-grade EPS RM for packaging applications.

EPS Resistant Behaviour

STYRO EPS products have very good resistance to several chemicals. However, it has zero resistance to petroleum-based solvents & resins.