“STYRO” is fully committed to recycling expanded polystyrene (EPS), manufacturing waste, and converting EPS into other products. Our recycling facilities serve EPS end-users, building and construction sites, and other XPS manufacturers. EPS fused products are chemically neutral. They may be disposed off without any problems. EPS does not react with ground water nor produce any gases when dumped. Due to its lightweight cellular structure it assists the aeration of sanitary landfills and burns completely in refuse incinerators.

Most Renowned EPS Recycling / Disposal Schemes

  • By melting
  • By granulating – recycling and reprocessing
  • By using re-grind beads– for soil improvement
  • Re grind beads – used for energy recovery 
  • Land fill (disposal)


By recycling all EPS Manufacturing waste, virtually all EPS waste generated at “STYRO” is used to produce EPS by-products such as lumps , pellets which is raw material for XPS Production.

Recycling and Reprocessing by Granulating

Our granulating machines reduce off-cuts of EPS into regrind beads that are dosed with virgin from 1 to 5% according to the quality of final products.

Re-Grind Beads for Soil Improvement

“STYRO” EPS loose or recycled beads can also be used for soil improvement for free draining, to improve soil aeration. It can be used for potting & plantation applications or simply around planting beds. Prime or recycled beads are ideal for various agricultural applications as it is made of 95% air, therefore extremely safe and above all, non toxic. It offers environmental advantages and has many useful properties like lightness, thermal insulation. “Styro” loose beads enhance total porosity and moisture retention of
the soil to a greater extent which encourages growth of roots (plant growth).

Re-Grind Beads Used as a Fuel for Energy Recovery (Applicable for Non FR grade EPS Regrind Only)

The calorific value of EPS non FR grade per kilogram is 40 MJ/kg, at a typical use density of 15-20 kg/m3. The heat energy generated by the EPS incineration process can be utilized for Power generation.

Land Fill (Disposal)

Landfill-using EPS does bring advantages. EPS waste is inert and non-toxic, so the landfill site becomes more stable. EPS aerates the soil, encouraging plant growth or reclaimed sites. EPS does not degrade and will not leach any substances into ground water.

EPS Recycling Methods