Get the ideal Raised floor Systems with STYRO

DSC_5258There are several architecture types suitable for different kinds of houses as well as office spaces. Depending on what the room is going to be used for, a different layout can be designed. One of the most popular architectural design for workplaces and homes is a raised floor area.

A raised floor is a design in which the floor is a little elevated above the building’s original concrete slab. The space between the slab and the virtually created floor is used wiring or cooling the infrastructure or even for artistic design purposes.

With the products of STYRO EPS sheets to raise the flooring level is the ideal system to raise and floor for computer rooms, kitchen, dining room, restaurant and even cinema and theater platforms.

In fact, STYRO EPS is the most ideal choice for raised floor application as it distributes weight consistently. It is lightweight and easy to handle at the site as well. A unique aspect about that STYRO EPS Block is that, it doesn’t add weight to the existing structure which consider the safest construction material in this application.

Computer room raised floor are abrasion proof and can avoid any damage due to static electricity, with an elevated flooring, the management of wires, cables and other types of equipment is very safe. There are many other advantages that make STYRO raised floor system one of the most popular construction application. Let us have a look at them:

  1. Evenly distributed weight: STYRO EPS are formed to avoid the pressure of heavy machinery, preventing them from falling apart and also helps in distributing the weight.
  2. Makes cable and utility management easy: The wires and pipes are kept safe from any physical damage, as STYRO EPS play as shock absorber, protecting from long-term exposure to any chock. Also STYRO EPS play as a thermal insulation which prevents the negative impact of the heat and weather conditions.
  3.  Air-condition Management: In big buildings, air-condition management and temperature regulation is very important. With the raised floor system, this issue is seamlessly addressed. The raised floors make hot and cold aisle containment easy. There are different ways in which the air flow to the equipments can be improved. The typical methods to do these are by using STYRO EPS blocks for raised floor Application.

STYRO Raised floor are one of the most desired structures for data centers, office spaces, shopping malls, cinemas, and sports stadiums for the great service they offer and also for the convenience they offer.