Extruded polyethylene Insulation
(EPE foam sheet , Closed Cell Polyethylene Sheets / Rolls, Back up cord)
Extruded polyethylene EPE is a closed cell, flexible, non-cross linked Polyethylene insulation Manufactured from low density Polyethylene as a base material with blowing agent of butane.

  • Standard thickness : from 5 to 50mm
  • Standard size : L 2000 x W 1000mm or special size can be made upon special order.

Back up Rod

EPE back up cord comes in coil form with various diameter. It is widely used as an expansion joint by water proofing companies, noise protection filler for aluminum extrusion, used as filler for decoration purpose. Standard size of coils: from 8 mm to 60mm diameter, coil linear meters depends on the thickness.

Shock Absorption

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Usage of Closed Cell Polyethylene Sheets

    • Parquet, carpet underlay
    • Provides silent step to reduce the noise transfer
    • Creates a separation layer
    • Prevents heat –cold from the floor to the carpet expansion joints
    • Fragile items packing & packaging

EPE foam Rolls:
EPS foam rolls available from 2mm to 5mm according to the customer’s application. PE foam rolls are used as;

      • Parquet, carpet underlay
      • provides silent step to reduce the noise transfer
      • separation layer
      • stops heat – cold from the floor to the carpet

Benefits of Closed Cell Polyethylene Sheets

      • Resiliency
      • Cushioning
      • Shock Absorption
      • Flexibility
      • Abrasion Resistance
      • Light Weight
      • Oil Resistant
      • Thermal Insulation
      • Sound / Vibration Dampener
      • Wide Temperature Range