STYRO Recycled Beads

STYRO Recycled Beads

“STYRO” EPS loose or recycled beads can also be used for soil improvement, free draining, and to improve soil aeration. It can be used for potting & plantation applications or simply around planting beds. Prime or recycled beads are ideal for various agricultural applications as it is made of 95% air, therefore extremely safe and above all, non-toxic. It offers environmental advantages and has many useful properties like lightness, thermal insulation. “STYRO” loose beads enhance total porosity and moisture retention of the soil to a greater extent, which encourages growth of the roots (plant growth). Use of Expanded Polystyrene beads for mosquito larvae control.

To find a new technology for control of immature stages of mosquitoes, the expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads were evaluated in the laboratory for mosquito control.

“STYRO” EPS loose beads are also used to slow the growth of mosquito populations (vector control) which helps to control diseases like malaria. These beads are poured into septic tanks or latrine pits to interrupt the respiration patterns of mosquito larvae. The layer of floating beads also prevents adult mosquitoes from exiting these breeding grounds. Unlike alternate materials, polystyrene beads remain on the surface of the water until they are washed away.

Most of Asian countries (like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangaldesh) have successfully controlled mosquito breeding by using EPS loose beads.


  • Soil aeration/soil loosening

  • Light-weight concrete mix

  • Gardening and potting soil


  • Low cost
  • Easy application
  • EPS beads are ideal for land fill
  • Virtually zero water absorption
  • Compatible with soil or synthetic soil
  • Fire-retardant and self-extinguish
  • Contains No CFC, HCFC, and eco friendly
  • Light in weight and white in color
  • Does not decompose