Interesting Facts about Polystyrene and its Uses

Expanded Polystyrene is a substance derived from the chemical called styrene, which is used in the manufacturing of many chemical products. It is obtained by the process of polymerisation of styrene.

Polystyrene is a very popular substance, some of the interesting facts about Expanded polystyrene  – EPS – that you need to know are:

  • Polystyrene is extremely resource efficient: It means that using lesser of the resource, more benefits can be obtained. Polystyrene when expanded contains 98% air. Thus, polystyrene is very light. The expanded polystyrene is typically called as Styrofoam or EPS (short for expanded polystyrene).
  • Polystyrene is the best packaging solution available: Polystyrene, when expanded, is used as a packing material. The packaging material developed by STYRO is the lightest. This reduces the weight, making the transportation light, feasible, and cost-effective. Being very light, and having higher air contents also make the packaging material shock absorbent and insulating.
  • Unlike other plastic substances, Expanded polystyrene is cent per cent recyclable: This may come as a surprise, that a plastic substance is recyclable, but it is true! When melted, it retains 1/90th of its substance. The recycling process is also versatile. It can be melted, or treated with hydrocarbon called Limonene.
  • Expanded Polystyrene is incredibly versatile: The processing of the polystyrene as well as its application, both are very versatile. EPS can be treated in several ways and find its application in more ways! Owing to its durability, heat absorption power and insulating properties, Styrofoam is used everywhere from packaging to shipping, to manufacturing of parts of automotive.
  • Flexibility like nothing ever had: STYRO Expanded Polystyrene can be moulded as required. It can be used to make high-density packing products for appliances, electronics and also with products with the least density requirements like hinges, skins of products, packaging and rolling material.
  • STYRO Expanded Polystyrene is derived from natural substances: Polystyrene is made by synthesizing a chemical called Styrene. Styrene is found in nature in foods such as strawberries, cinnamon, coffee and beef.

Polystyrene is an extremely versatile substance which finds its uses in many different areas. From home appliances to foam, from electronics to packaging material, polystyrene is used everywhere.

Let us have an in-depth look at the uses of polystyrene and its features that make it the best fit for:

  1. Expanded Polystyrene is used in various appliances including refrigerators, blenders, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, ovens, and microwaves. It is suited for it because polystyrene is non-reactive and remains stable when these devices are in use thus taking away all the possible ways of catching fire and make the devices long lasting.
  2. EPS is light and durable and hence is used widely in the manufacturing of car parts like trims, door panels, instrument panels, knobs, and sound dampening foam. Polystyrene being inert and safe, can also be used in making the protective seats for children.
  3. STYROFOAM is also used in electronic gadget manufacturing. Some parts of televisions, computers are exclusively manufactured using Expanded polystyrene. These are the parts that need to be flexible and fit properly.
  4. Expanded Polystyrene is used in packaging extensively,
    • Polystyrene Food Packaging: Being an insulator, the food stays fresh, and warm or cold, as it is packed. Since the material does not react, the food is also safe and does not undergo any reaction and remains fresh!
    • Polystyrene is expandable and thus can be of various densities. It can thus be used in protecting layer for CD DVD cases, and other items.

Polystyrene is an extremely versatile substance finding its extensive use in various segments!