STYRO vertical Sand Dunes

Extraordinary interior decoration project, done for Emirates Pearl Hotel Abu Dhabi.

  • Vertical Sand Dunes for interior Decoration
  • Grand Hyat Emirates Pearl Interior Decoration Project
  • 25 Meter High Sand Dunes Wall
  • Realistic Looking Sand Dunes in Emirates Pearl Abu Dhabi
  • Standing Dunes with multiple ripples interior Decor
  • Styro engineers cutting blocks in dune shapes
  • Styro Engineers making dune blocks ready
  • Blocks ready for installation at grand hyat hotel abu dhabi
  • Finishing styro blocks for installation as Dunes
  • Cement profile being added to styro blocks
  • Installation site for Emirates Pearl Sand dunes
  • Final finishing of Grand Hyat Interior wall Decoration

Located beside the world famous Etihad Towers, the Emirates Pearl – Grand Hyatt Hotel had a big challenge ahead of them… Vertical Sand Dunes!
STYRO accepted the challenge. Over a 1000 Styro Blocks were precisely cut in dune shapes. Styro cutting engineers worked at a millimeter-scale accuracy to carve out the realistic dune shapes.

Later each block was cement sprayed and painted with sand colour. Finally installed in the main hotel lobby as a rock solid 10 meter high wall. An eye catching interior decoration and mesmerizing piece of art.

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