Shooting Set Design UAE

Expanded Polystyrene (Styrofoam) is one of the most flexible materials available on the Earth. Styro EPS can be easily cut into any desired shapes and sizes using computerized CNC cutting machines. The carving, Painting and finishing makes it resemble any shape. EPS is widely used all around the world for making Backdrops, shooting sets, interior & exterior decorations and numerous other applications. The Light weight of Styro EPS makes construction and fixing become very quick and convenient. It is available in different densities from SF 10 to SF 80 and density is chosen as per requirement and client’s needs. The SF 22 and 24 densities are generally used for the decoration works because the carving and shaping are easier on it.  The fact that EPS is flexible, light weight and durable; makes it the first choice for the decoration and props works.

Styro EPS Sheets

EPS for Shooting Sets

 Styro EPS for the Shooting Set of Mission Impossible 2

Dubai is considered to be a favorite shooting location for many film and picture makers.The year-round sunshine, nice beaches, mountains, deserts, modern architecture and sky scrapers offer an awesome backdrop environment for the shooting. Styro has supplied EPS for different backdrops, shooting sets, corporate events etc. Being the leading manufacturer of expanded polystyrene; Styro caters numerous needs and applications of EPS in the Market.

Mission Impossible 4 shooting set

We are capable to do any hard structures including bridges, buildings, forts etc. The shooting sets made by Styro are durable with strong structures, Weather proof and easily assembled and dismantled. Our Professional artistic carvers can make any shape perfectly and assures the smoothest and most realistic finishing.

 Polystyrene Carving

Mission Impossible 4 shooting set

Styro has the capability to carve large-scale work from polystyrene, whether it s a 3D figure for decoration or film setup or even an amazing piece of art, Styro EPS is very flexible, light weight to work with and it’s ideal for temporary and long term use. The hard coating and painting assures a high quality end product that you can count on. Finally, and probably the most important feature of EPS, is that it is easily removable and 100% recyclable too. The EPS manufactured by STYRO is 100% Environment friendly and does not cause any risk to health, nature or environment in general. Styro is supplying EPS for a wide variety of uses including Insulation, Construction, Packing and packaging, and last but not least… Art and Decorations.