STYRO Gate and wall Designs

Styro wishes you all the blessings, well being and prosperity, that this month carries now and always.

Styro EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is considered to be one of the most flexible materials, used for different applications in Insulation, Construction, Packing and Decorations. It can be transformed to any shape or form by using high tech CNC cutting and Carving machine. These customized shapes are widely used for the ART and DECORATION works including Stage Decoration, Wedding Decorations, 3D figures and sculptures, Interior and Exterior Decorations Events, and many more applications. The demand of EPS is increasing day by day, and therefore the applications are also developing into new and improved areas. It is also used effectively for the construction of numerous Gate and Wall Designs.

Why choose Styro EPS for Gate and Wall Design?

  • Eco Friendly – gentle to the environment and doesn’t harm mother nature
  • EPS is 100% recyclable
  • Less Cost than Concrete Walls and Gates
  • It takes less time to Finish – Saves time, effort, and labor charges
  • Flexible Design – the designs and shapes are unlimited
  • Gives room for creativity and imagination to create any kind of concept or idea
  • It has Less Weight than Concrete Gate and Wall – very light compared to concrete
  • Easy to maneuver, easy to handle and easy to fix with minimal charges
  • Durable (EPS covered with Concrete and Hard Coating Paint).
  • Insulation (EPS will not absorb Heat)

The Concrete Gate and Walls are a lot more costly and it needs a lot of time and efforts to build it compared to Expanded Polystyrene. The EPS is one of the lightest construction materials available; so it allows easy handling and faster construction. One of the biggest advantages of using Expanded Polystyrene is the flexibility in the design; we can make any designs so easily and use it effectively. It takes less effort in making complicated designs than other decoration and construction materials. It is adaptable to any product, shape or design. The EPS is a light weight material, it helps to reduce the weight of the Gate and wall up to a great extend without compromising the quality and durability of the finished product. To provide durability and protection the concrete and hard coat paint is used around EPS, resulting in a very strong and stable Gate and Wall. One of the biggest advantages of using EPS is the insulation feature; It is one of the highly used insulation material all around the world. The EPS Gate and Wall can be used in places where the other construction materials like brick, concrete and sand are unavailable, insufficient or costly. It is highly used for entertainment activities like Temporary parks, exhibition centers, malls, outdoor activities etc. Another important aspect is that fungi and bacteria cannot easily grown on EPS. Finally, and probably the most important feature of EPS, is that it is easily removable and 100% recyclable too.

Styro EPS and Environment

There is a misconception that EPS is not environment friendly; but the fact is that the EPS manufactured by STYRO is 100% Environment friendly and does not cause any risk to health, nature or environment in general. The Styro EPS contains 95% air and it is free from CFCs, HCFC and other dangerous substances.