STYRO’s participation in INDEX Exhibition 2013 Dubai

Welcome Interior & Exterior decorators
Styro polystyrene solutions are a manufacturer of architectural, decorative, contracting foam products. Our experience and technology allows us to design unique items using expanded polystyrene (EPS).


Styro welcomes Interior & Exteriors Decorators, Art designers. We work closely to capture your visions of decorative and fashionable ideas. Whether traditional or modern world charm, we can create arches, columns, pillars …..We design concepts for any preferable designs or other customized ideas


We look forward to meet you at our stand number 6c237  :lol:


Styro expanded polystyrene decorative products include:

Columns– Any shape and size, caps and bases.
Arches– Can be custom made for existing openings.
Moldings– Our trims and sills show some of the many profiles that we can make or we can custom make it.
Signs– Display your business, subdivision,, mosques, domes …etc

Decoration and ornamentation Let us create a wall medallion using our 3D software and large CNC router table. Send us a picture or drawing to begin your creative design.

Artificial Beams: Fake Ceiling Beams.
Medallion design: Custom design and fabricated or machine fabricated medallions are available in any size. These medallions are coated with a synthetic hard coat for exterior use.
3D figures: Disney characters, cultural themes, letters…etc

Styro, Expanded Polystyrene Solutions

Our goal is to bring you new heights in display materials quality, performance and value for money. Our sample making design and development is complimented by our CAD systems, CNC machines and our experienced engineers and production team.


Use EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) commonly known as Styrofoam. Closed cell which has a high insulation value. Due to lack of water absorption and resistance to weather change, EPS foam adapts to a countless of application possibilities.
Unlimited custom-designs available for interior /exterior applications

To protect the foam, we provide the best and required by more engineers and architects which is polyurethane coating. Polyurethane is sprayed onto the foam forming a hard plastic coating. This protects the foam from normal impact, sun and chemical erosion. Commonly known in the industry as hard coat, polyurethane can be used as a base coat or left as a smooth finish coat. If used as a base coat it can be finished off with a sand finish product. Also, we provide a thick cement type base over foam molding. Lead time as quickly as three days on local deliveries.  Coated materials will take longer depending on size of order.Competitive pricing and fast delivery. Foam shapes can be order in standard eight foot lengths. Our in-house staff will be delighted to assist you in designing your project.