Fasteners (Dowel Pin)

Plastic fasteners are designed to fasten the insulation fixing systems which are commonly used by the insulation fixing technicians during installation. Unlike conventional fasteners, STYRO- plastics fasteners/ anchors are user friendly, which saves fixing time and thus saves installation cost. These fasteners are designed to suit all types of insulation materials such as EPS, XPS, PUR / PIR, Rock Wool & Glass Wool. STYRO fasteners are available in various sizes to suit soft and rigid insulation from 50-100mm, compatible with major insulation types, has maximum load carrying capacity, and is suitable to floor, wall, and ceiling.

Applications of Fasteners:

• Majorly Used in EIFS / ETICS
• Ceiling & soffit insulation
• Used as anchor to fix acoustic & sound insulation
• Used to fix all kind of insulation (such as EPS, XPS, PUR, GW & RW panels)

Advantages of Fasteners:

• Energy saving by preventing from thermal bridging
• Durable
• Easy to fix
• High shear and tensile strength
• Extremely lightweight