Foil Scrim Kraft Roll Aluminum Foil Tape

Foil Scrim Kraft Roll Aluminum Foil Tape

Normally all kinds of cold and heat insulation must be gladded with thin aluminum sheets in order to improve the aesthetic appeal of the insulation layout, and also to protect the insulation from mechanical damages. As part of its services, STYRO can supply plain aluminum sheets or stucco type.

Products Available:
• Plain aluminums
• Stucco type

Standard Size: 2400x1200x0.6, 0.7, 0.9, and 1 mm thick

Applications and Usage:

• Lamination for steam boiler , burners , furnace , chimneys
• Improves aesthetic look on utility piping
• Protect the insulation from moisture, humidity and friability
• Improves the life , durability of the insulation
• light weight , easy work-ability


• Resiliency
• Cushioning
• Shock absorption
• Flexibility
• Abrasion resistance
• Light weight
• Oil resistant
• Thermal insulation
• Sound / vibration dampener
• Wide temperature range