Pp Corrugated Sheet

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Pp Corrugated Sheet

Medium & low density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) sheets are renowned for various kinds of packing & packaging applications, STYRO is the leading supplier of the same. As a part of all under one roof service basis, STYRO offers allied packaging materials such as kraft paper corrugated rolls, paper carton, PP corrugated sheets, and stretch films as per customer demand. Detailed quote can be given against enquiry.

Applications of PP Corrugated Sheets:

• Protection layer for tiles and marble flooring
• Temporary mall display stand fabrication
• Voids, hourdi block protective layer
• Separation layer
• Name board, display boards fabrication
• Agricultural, farm house building

Benefits of PP Corrugated Sheets:

• Light weight , water proof
• Easy workability
• Durable, recyclable & reusable
• Separation layer