SSS (Super STYRO Stick) is a honey like viscous, low volatile, non- solvent based, water resistant glue, specially formulated to bond Expanded Polystyrene products. Though “SSS” is exclusively developed to bond EPS products, due to it’s superior bonding quality and tensile strength, it is widely welcomed as a bonding agent by the following industries and activities.

Aluminium joinery, carpentry industries sofas, and upholstery production EIFS (external insulation and finishing system) water proofing industries construction, insulation activities swimming pools pontoons lamination and sandwich panel production composite panel manufacturing arts and crafts mock-up, model making schools stationery toys production to prepare a paste and apply.

Normally “SSS” is supplied in two components, one is thick honey like semi-liquid, the other is in a white powder form.

For fast and reliable bonding applications, both components can be mixed together on equal ratios to prepare a paste. For example, adhesive and powder can be used as spot application for bonding purpose.

Since it cures at a faster rate, it is recommended to prepare the paste only in small quantities as and when required.

For Lamination , Sandwich Panels Production

For lamination, sandwich panel production and other joinery activities only a single component (i.e. honey like glue) can be applied by a normal paint brush or any roller type brush. To get excellent bonding strength chipping is recommended if the surface of the gluing area is smooth.

We have tested “SSS“ glue for fire reaction test as per ASTM E-84. SSS glue falls under class “A” fire category. Please Check Downloads for the test results of SDI (smoke development index) and FSI (flame spread index).


Other Application of SSS glue:


It can be used as a bonding adhesive to bond:

  • Steel to Steel
  • Steel to wood
  • Wood to wood
  • Wood to Polystyrene
  •  Polystyrene to Polystyrene
  • Steel to concrete
  •  Concrete to wood
  •  Bonding almost all materials
  • Aluminum joinery and carpentry industries
  • Sofas and upholstery production
  •  External insulation and finishing system (EIFS)
  • Water proofing industries
  •  Construction and insulation activities
  • Swimming pools
  • Pontoons
  •  Lamination and sandwich panel production
  •  Composite panel manufacturing
  •  Art and crafts / stationary
  •  Art and decoration production and industries
  •  Mock-up / model making
  • Toys production

Important Notes:

  •  For your own Safety and Efficient Application, Please refer to our MSDS, TDS method statement and test reports before going for application.
  •  Expiry dates are printed on the labels
  •  Method statement for individual application can be supplied upon request

Benefits of STYRO Super Stick Glue:

  • Easy to apply
  •  Low VOC (volatile organic compound) hence eco friendly
  •  High bonding strength
  •  Compatible with all type of construction and insulation materials
  •  Non solvent based glue
  •  More coverage since spot application is enough
  •  Long shelf life