What are the top and unique features of EPS pontoons from STYRO UAE?

EPS For pontoon are used in the marine industry. In fact, these materials can be used in varied applications. Basically, it’s a floating object that can help people walk on water – it can be in a form of bridges or passages; often, you will see it in marinas or ports.

EPS is widely known because of its unique features – and once shaped and molded for pontoon purposes, it becomes an exceptional product that the marine industry can use. And using EPS, Pontoons, or Floats can be created and customized in a way based on its application. There is no standard design needed for it – with additional robust and sturdy materials, manufacturing these Pontoons, or Floats can be easily done.

And we, STYRO UAE, the leading Expanded Polystyrene factory in the UAE, take pride in delivering pontoons and floats that have the best qualities and properties. We have been giving EPS solutions long enough to know what our clients exactly want and do our best to meet and even exceed their expectations. We are consisting of highly-skilled professionals who can take EPS manufacturing and molding to the next level.

For our STYRO EPS pontoon, we ensure that it is incomparable and remarkable. In fact, we add extra service for pontoons like applying extra fittings, extra accessories, and a coating that gives it water-proof finish.

Usually, our EPS for Pontoon can be made as:


Floating bridges that can be seen in ports and marines. Here, extreme molding, shaping, cutting, plumping, steel reinforcement and concrete pouring is made, so that it can be used as bridges.


After creating the EPS Bridge, it can be placed in harbors and docks, so that people will have something to walk on as they go their yachts and boats. It can effectively float on water and can be seen in marinas as watercraft.


EPS is a good material for floatation – there are private amusement places that give floating cabanas, beds, and islands, that people can enjoy on water. Usually, these are situated in resorts or beaches wherein people can use while they are bathing under the sun.



All the materials used to form these products are made from high-quality Expanded polystyrene. It floats on water and it won’t crumble once you board on it.


Since it is made from EPS, it’s lightweight but it doesn’t mean that it’s not durable to withstand any amount of weight. A great number of people can stand on it while not falling off because of its stability.

High Compressive Strength

The process of creating these pontoons is done meticulously to guarantee that it is robust and tough – to the point that it can withstand different kinds of weather.


STYRO Pontoon is extremely water-resistant –and the fact that it’s made as watercraft, its resistance to water makes it impossible to sink underwater.

Hence, if you need pontoons for marine purposes, just contact STYRO UAE and we will provide you – no matter its shape, weight, and length – STYRO can create it all for you.

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