Why is STYRO’s EPS Packing and Packaging Products a good choice for your enterprise?

styro EPS packing packaging

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is one of the best materials that you can use in protecting your packages, for packing purposes. Generally, it has unsurpassed and unmatched properties that can shield your goods from possible breakages and damages from external forces.

Typically, enterprises utilize this material when their products are being delivered or packed for the customers. EPS can cushion the products, making it safe and maintained during the transportation procedures.

And if you are looking EPS manufacturing company who can provide you with all the EPS packing and packing products that you need for your enterprise, you can look no farther because we, STYRO UAE, are the one that you’re looking for. Our EPS materials are the most sought-after supplies for different kinds of applications like insulation, construction, packing, packaging, art, and decorations. As we are a national polystyrene packaging factory located in the UAE, we do our best to manufacture high-quality EPS products that you can use for any type of applications.

If you specifically want it for packing and packaging, however, we’ll tell you the reasons why our STYRO Packing and Packaging products are perfect for you:


Our EPS materials are durable enough to cover and protect a wide range of goods – no matter how big, small, or wide it is, it can cushion and shield your products efficiently. It’s perfect for any kind of goods – perishable, fragile, or delicate ones.


The flexibility of our EPS materials enables you to shape and mold the Expanded polystyrene sheets into any shape, making it fit and suited to your product’s size. It is dense and tough, perfect for packing your products accordingly.


Since EPS is made up of 98% air, it will not add to the weight of the package – whilst lowering the total product weight, hence the transportation costs altogether. In this way, fuel consumption will also be lessened, as well as the vehicle emissions.


If you want to transport or if your goods are perishable, you don’t need to worry because our EPS materials have high thermal insulation properties, keeping it fresh and unspoiled all throughout the distribution chain.

Resistant to Chemical

There are liquid injected packaging solutions available in the market may harm your goods – but STYRO EPS packing & packaging materials are chemically neutral , also non-reactive with most of the materials, therefore it is the safest material for the intended application. Moreover, ours at STYRO can guarantee that the physical properties of your goods will not be affected whatsoever.

You can easily find our packaging material in DubaiAbu Dhabi and all over UAE, to know more of our EPS products that you can utilize in more applications, come and visit us anytime. We’ll discuss everything with you and we’ll do our best to meet all your needs and requirements at STYRO UAE.