Xpress Dubai News – 30 Seconds with Walid Wakim

STYRO to exhibit advanced technology at Index - Newspaper article by The Gulf Today, STYRO in the News


Complete Transcript of the Interview: (by Sharmila Dhal – Chief Reporter)

Why are there so many fires in high rises?

Human negligence or faulty wiring are two common reasons. A fire can spread rapidly because of flammable cladding, or a lack of fire retardant blockages. It is a good thing that the Civil Defence in the UAE has been able to control fires with zero deaths in most cases.

What preventive measures can developers take?

Developers can insist on better quality products and increase the safety designs in all the buildings/ construction. They should use Class A fire retardant products.

Our STYRO expanded polystyrene, for instance, is engineered in such a way that it’s closed (air-filled) cell structure inhibits the passage of heat or cold offering a high capacity for thermal insulation as well as shock or tremor absorption.

Can you explain in lay terms?

Our product, produced from European raw materials, is a Class A fire retardant, heat resistant, tremor-proof solution that can be used on interior and exterior decorations as well as architectural applications, events/exhibitions, food packaging and merchandising displays. The product is eco-friendly and lasts over 50 years.

Where has it been used in the UAE?

In many places, including the film set on Mission Impossible 2 in Dubai, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Atlantis, St. Regis Hotel Abu Dhabi, Emirates Pearl Hotel, City Walk and the nuclear plant in the capital. We have also been contracted by several companies for Expo 2020 related projects. Our retail division offers

 wedding and celebration décor, 2D & 3D shapes and even intricate shape or figure cut-outs.