8 Reasons Why You Should choose Expanded Polystyrene When Building A Raised Floor

EPS raised floorRaised floor systems are popular these days because of the supreme benefits that it gives to homeowners. Most of the engineers and consultants prefer to use expanded polystyrene as their base material for these foundations for more climate control, floor levelling purposes and to create a hidden void for the passage of mechanical and electrical services.

If you want this for your place, moreover, you can seek our help at STYRO – we are a leading manufacturer of Expanded polystyrene sheets that are ideally used for void filling and Raised Floor. We have always been the number one choice of individuals and business entities regarding their construction needs that require EPS solutions.

At STYRO– we have worked and helped in constructing raised floor in most of the famous landmarks projects like City Walk, W Dubai Hotel, Marsa Al Seef, Saadiyat Island Resort, Dubai Festival City, Nakheel Mall and many others. We have utilized expanded polystyrene for our clients’ benefits by providing high compressive strength and eco-friendly material with efficient solutions to all their needs.

Here are some of the reasons why STYRO EPS is the ideal solution for floor raising:

Acceleration in Construction

The EPS provides an elevated structural floor above the concrete slab, in a short time-frame which accelerate the construction time of the elevated floor.

Save Energy

A good insulated raised floor can help your homes retain the coldness that you need during hot weather. Furthermore, the cold floor in the summer time makes the walking surface comfortable.

Keeps Your Pipes in a Good Condition

Pipes are prone to crack depending on the weather condition–. placing your pipes or other cables inside STYRO raised floor can help in maintaining their condition, hence, spare you from problems.


The materials that we will use on your floor raising are extremely light-weight – it contains 95% air – hence it will not add a load to your existing building structure.

High-compressive Strength

Though STYRO EPS materials are light-weight, it undeniably has the high compressive strength which can carry heavy loads.

The powered strength of STYRO EPS is changing according to its density. The resistance to compressive stresses improves as the density becomes higher. STYRO high density EPS has designed & produced to meet different construction strength requirements.

Flexible in Design

We will be able to cut, shape and mold whatever design that you have in mind. The EPS materials we utilize are malleable and pliable enough to be formed into any shape you desire.

Easy to Install

Because it is light-weight & flexible, fewer labor will be needed to install and finish the floor raising service, no heavy machines/equipment are required hence, the completion time of the project will be fast.


Our materials and services are exceptionally cost-effective comparing to others. its fast to install which will reduce the total cost of the project – we prioritize in giving you the kind of service that you require, we do our best to meet and exceed your expectations.

These benefits are the reasons why many people are considering STYRO raised floor systems in their establishments these days. And if you need to construct one, STYRO will provide the most durable expanded polystyrene materials to serve your requirement.

Contact us anytime and we will gladly help you out.