An Overview of Back-filling: Its Procedures and Materials Used

EPS backfill

First of all, what is back-filling?

Backfilling is the process of replacing the soil that is removed during the construction procedures by certain types of materials and products. There are actually a lot of backfill materials that are utilized in this process – they are specified in their engineering properties and are chosen according to the requirement of the construction.

Is Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) a good back-filling material?

Actually, Yes. Because of the lightweight, insulated, and high compressive of EPS, many professionals using this material as a back-filling alternative.

EPS Blocks

EPS Blocks is not just good material for backfilling – it can be used in void fill or soil substitute as well. Using EPS in Geofoam applications makes your foundation even more durable and stable – not to mention, it won’t cost you a lot if you choose EPS geofoam.

You can avail EPS blocks from STYRO LTD  that can be easily installed as a back-fill. Since it is lightweight, no compaction is required, As such it doesn’t need heavy earth moving equipment, hence, minimizing the settlement concerns. Unlike other EPS materials EPS block’s immune to Mold or Bacteria since it is an inert material.

How EPS back-filling is done?

Step 1

When it is decided to choose EPS materials as an alternative for the back-filling procedures, MQA has to be conducted  ( manufacturing quality assurance ) of the EPS blocks or geofoam. This is crucial and a primary responsibility of both the agent and the owner.

Step 2

Before start, the back-filling procedures,  make sure that the natural soil is clear of vegetation or any sharp-edged particles.

Step 3

Make sure that there is no debris of any kind on the surface wherein the EPS blocks should be placed – this is the first layer. ( i.e subgrade surface )

Step 4

Continue placing the EPS blocks with utmost care and precision – it can be in vertical or horizontal position, and the joints must be tight as well.

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Excellent Mechanical properties of Expanded polystyrene blocks such as lightweight, High compressive, durable, sturdy, fire-retardant, eco-friendly are perfectly matching applications such as back-filling.

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