Check out all of STYRO UAE’s Remarkable E-Commerce Products Now!

Styro EcommerceSTYRO UAE has been in the industry for more than a decade now – indeed, this has been one of the factors that make our name renowned all over the UAE. Being the leading expanded polystyrene material suppliers in Dubai has made us become knowledgeable in giving various kinds of EPS products that you can use in your daily life. We never stopped in giving turnkey solutions to all uses specially in art and decoration world.

We know how to make your visions into reality – we are equipped with the right technologies and professionals who can do the job properly and intricately. No matter what kind of product or service you need for Art, Décor, Packing, Packaging, Insulation, and Construction use, as your trusted EPS factory in UAE, guarantee that we can give it to you.

Moreover, as a proof of being the leader when it comes to manufacturing EPS products in the MENA region, we took a step ahead by launching an E-Commerce website – which is advantageous to our customers and give them a convenient way to acquire all our products.

We started supplying all these products in the UAE and we aim to do so, all over the world and become the best EPS Company internationally. Our EPS products include:

Styrofoam Balls and Spheres

Balls for decorations on your special occasions? Choose STYRO Balls and Sphere – these are cut and molded perfectly to be displayed in your place.

Snowman with Finishing

Who doesn’t love white Christmas and all the other ornaments related to it like a snowman? This Styrofoam Snowman with Finishing from STYRO UAE can make your White Christmas a reality!

Styrofoam 2D Hearts

Whether it is Valentine’s Day or you just want to express your feelings to your loved ones, you can always count on these perfectly cut STYRO 2D Hearts.

Styrofoam Hearts – 3D

Take your heart decorations to the next level and opt for these STYRO 3D Hearts and adorn it with embellishment that you like to make it stand out even more!

Letter Cutouts

Letter cutouts are perfect for any kind of event – it’s the best material to use to express a message or greeting and you can trust that we, STYRO UAE can materialize your greetings.

Styrofoam Stars – 2D

Stars make a beautiful adornment especially during the months of Ramadan. Decorate your place with STYRO 2D Stars and make your place look better.

Styrofoam Stars – 3D

Light up your residential or commercial place with STYRO 3D Stars and let it shine like a real star from the night sky! Contact us now if you want to avail these 3D Stars!

Styrofoam Animals Pack

We don’t only cut shapes at STYRO but create intricate moldings as well as these animals. You can use these during the Easter season or just place it in your kids’ rooms!

Styrofoam Beads

These STYRO Beads are perfect for the protection of your products when put in a box. This can effectively reduce damage risks, especially during transportation. Also you can use it to fill your beanbag or for decoration purposes

Styrofoam Eggs 3D

Easter isn’t complete without eggs and if you need eggs of different sizes, our 3D STYRO Eggs can be the ones you’re looking for!

Styrofoam Snowflakes

If you dream of seeing snow, these STYRO Snowflakes that are intricately cut and shaped are just the ones that you want to see! Adorn these in your place especially during the holidays!

Styrofoam Cones and Pyramids

There are various reasons as to why you may use these STYRO Cones and Pyramids like birthday celebrations, house decorations, and many others. You can get the perfect cones only from STYRO UAE

Styrofoam Dummy Cakes

Do you need dummy cakes? STYRO UAE’s Dummy Cakes can stand up to the height of your choice! Trust that we can make your dummy cake look elegantly perfect!

Expanded polystyrene Sheet Panels and Boards

Our STYRO Sheet Panels and Boards are perfect for packing and packing purposes – these can help reduce the damage risks that your products can get whenever they are transported or preserved. Also, you can use it in all your art projects.

Styrofoam 3D Pumpkin

Halloween decoration will never be complete without pumpkins! You don’t need to buy the real ones anymore because we offer STYRO 3D Pumpkin that can complete your Halloween decorations!

Styrofoam Discs and Cylinders

There are times when you would want to use cylindrically shaped decorations to your events and if you wonder where you can get them, we can actually give you our STYRO Discs and Cylinders that are shaped faultlessly!

Styrofoam Boxes “Ice box”

Our STYRO Boxes are guaranteed to be shock-free, water-resistant, and a good insulator. You can make sure that your goods will be protected as long as it’s inside our STYRO Box.

With this list, you now have an idea about the e-commerce products that you can get from us at STYRO. Never hesitate to contact us if you ever need our assistance regarding EPS Solutions