Diverse Applications Of Floating Pontoons

Whether you are purchasing your first boat or your fifth, it is important to make the right choice in order to enhance your overall boating experience. People tend to have this misconception that a water experience just requires to choose a convenient exotic location. Research indicates that too many boat owners and experts do not have a completely positive boating experience as they forget several factors such as berthing, parking, and of course security. Hence, to eliminate the confusion, this blog will serve a guide and describe the diverse applications of floating pontoons that will result in an amazing marine experience.

Be sure of your exposure!

While choosing a location for your anchoring overnight, take some time and evaluate the exposure of the location. Additionally, you must be aware of the potential impact of the winds and vessels that will affect your boat. For instance, when a boat is exposed to the drastic climatic changes like strong winds which will result in reducing a short period of the surface waves. In such cases, the watercraft will most likely affect the passing vessels. So, the next time, you are up for a water experience, make sure to give the climatic conditions a thought.

Owing to which, we at STYRO have introduced floating pontoons comprised of expanded polystyrene. Pontoons are basically lightweight floating objects that help people walk on water. This could be used during your boating sessions or even for other purposes like in construction sites etc. We ensure to provide quality-oriented pontoons that are designed and delivered by our expert engineers and specialists.

In fact, there are many ways in which you can mold these pontoons. For instance, they can be used as bridges, docks and landing stage, or even as a floating island. Generally, floating bridges are used in ports and marines. Our experts at STYRO ensure to deliver pontoons that undergo extreme molding, shaping, plumping, and cutting.

Moreover, Styrofoam pontoons can serve as a landing stage as well. These are generally seen in harbors that require an additional platform or a flat surface. EPS Pontoons designed by STYRO will certainly prove to be an effective system that would be essential in the docks and harbors.

Lastly, they could serve as a floating island, bed or even a cabana. This is often seen in amusement or theme parks. You might even see this placed in resorts and beaches for people who wish to get a suntan, enjoying their vacation!

Previously, STYRO has been in association with the Mina Rashid Marina project. With our expert supervision of creating and delivering quality pontoons, Mina Rashid Marina has turned out to be the new leisure destination in Dubai. This port has become the latest maritime attraction harboring almost 5,000 yachts and boats.

With almost two decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, STYRO is a leading expanded polystyrene (EPS) manufacturer in the Middle East who aim to produce cost-effective, lightweight, unsinkable, long-lasting, and environment-friendly pontoons in unlimited shapes with easy and quick assemble access.  

For more information on our products and services, get in touch with STYRO and get quality pontoons for your next business venture.