EPS Sheets and Styrofoam Decoration that you can do this upcoming Eid!


eid mubarak

Time flies so fast and the next we know, it’s already Eid al-Fitr. Are you ready for the big event? Have you planned where you should spend it? Are your homes ready for the upcoming celebration?

If you’re going to ask what type of base material should you use to decorate your homes with, we’ll recommend EPS sheets for decoration. Styrofoam, in its sense, is a flexible material that can be shaped into any design – perfect for turning it into something that is in your mind. For the upcoming Eid, it’s quite advisable for you to choose Expanded polystyrene material to use in your adornments. Whether you put it in your commercial or residential place, we, STYRO UAE, are glad to help – we can provide you with the  EPS solutions and materials that you should need, and if you want, we can construct your ideas as well and turn it into reality.

Ramadan and Eid aren’t complete without extravagant decorations – in malls, you will see massive sparkling adornments to emphasize that this season is a time for celebration as well; a time for sharing, good deeds, and soul replenishment.

If you want to create your own Eid decorations, however, you can choose from any of the ideas we have listed below and have fun doing it with your family or friends.


Crescent Moon Decorations

It’s a normal tradition to fill your place with crescent moons because it symbolizes the holy month in some way. What you can do is get an EPS sheet, trace out the crescent moon, cut it out and do this as many times as you want, to create layers. Afterwards, cover it with ornaments like specialty paper, water paint, or anything as you please.

Light Up Your Room With Glittery Stars

What’s a moon without stars? From the spare EPS sheets that you cut your crescent moon from, you can trace out stars from here and cut as many stars as you want. To make them shine, you can cover and sprinkle them with glitters – use different water colors of glitters in each of the stars so you will have a colorful room.

Flowers for Eid? Not a bad idea!

If you are fond of flowers and you want to put some in your place as well, this isn’t a hard thing to achieve since foam sheets are flexible enough to be cut and shaped into anything. You can try out Calla Lily, Mums, and Violet flowers. Expand your imagination – you just have to think about it and you will be able to create it!

How About A Good Deed Tree?

This project can be a good way to make your children have fun in the whole month of celebration as well. At the beginning of Ramadan, you can cut out a tree trunk in a sheet of Styrofoam and stick it to your wall. Prepare Styrofoam balls as well and have your children write the good deeds they did for the day and let them hang it on the tree. This isn’t just for the sake of fun but also to let your children practice the sacred month the way it should be.

Cut Out Letters – “Eid al-Fitr!”

The celebration won’t be complete without the traditional cut-out letters that say Eid al-Fitr, right? To do this, you can use Styro balls – one ball for each corresponding letter, or Styro sheets – trace the letters and cut it out later. You can consolidate these letters and hang it on a string so you will be able to put it anywhere in your home – preferable on the windows or door.

And if you need the materials to create any of the decoration listed above, you can contact STYRO UAE and our artist team will provide you with the amazing finished pieces you want. Being the leading Expanded polystyrene supplier in Dubai, and all over UAE, you can rest assured that all our EPS products are durable and versatile enough to suit your needs.