Why Thermal insulation became so important for the buildings?

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Major Criteria’s like dwindling  oil reserves & fossils,  Rapid growing world population, increased demand in energy per capita,  Escalation in energy cost, Greenhouse gas emission and Impact on Global warming issues had  enlighten the growing and grown  countries to save & conserve the energy  since  “Energy saving equals to Energy Producing”.

Though energy cost to the public are subsidized by the Government in certain countries (countries like GCC) it became Government’s top most priority to study the various ways & means to cut down the cost of energy.  As a results of varies studies, statistic and researches conducted by the Government authorities it has been proved that the total energy consumed by the huge Industries and Factories are negligible in comparison with energy consumed by the modern Buildings.

As several studies proven that almost all the buildings falls under most vulnerable category in energy consumption, Municipalities have taken serious initiatives and enforced the contractors or end-users to INSULATE buildings from Roof to Wall. 

During recent days building approvals among GCC countries are not entertained by the Municipalities in case if the insulation is not considered during the design stage itself.  Furthermore it became so compulsory and mandatory otherwise Utility and Energy connections cannot be obtained from the concerned authorities without having a clearance letter from insulation contractor / suppliers.  

As a progress of development on above initiative it has been decided to encapsulate the existing old buildings which are not insulated. Exterior Insulation Finishing System applicators (EIFS / ETICS) came in picture to insulate the existing old building and enhance aesthetic look of those buildings instead demolishing them.

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