Which is the best insulation material to use in EIFS?

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Styro Graypor has became the best favorite, User –friendly material for EIFS, ETICS applicators due to trailing reasons.

  • It is premium Quality German origin material.
  • Its excellent dimensional stability avoids any post cracks or shrinkage.
  • It is smooth , true level surface protects from any undulation after EIFS finishing
  • Since it is very light in weight to handle at site
  • Easy workability , No itchy or noxious
  • EPS is completely compatible with other materials used in construction including cements, plasters, salt, fresh water and so on.
  • It is versatile material, can be cut into the shape or size required by the construction project.
  • Styro Graypor is 100 % Fire retardant, it has low Fire spread and Smoke development index therefore it has been categorized under “A” class in building insulation as per ASTM E84 standards.
  • It has good resilience, shock absorption property allows to work as thermal cum acoustic insulation.
  • It is durable
  • It is not 100 % vapor barrier it allows the building to breathe
  • Very low water absorption in relation with fiber and mineral panels
  • Unlike lose fiber panels EPS is 95% closed cell insulation, it has excellent mechanical properties making it good choice for EIFS.
  • Lower thickness can achieve superior “R” values thus reduced wall thickness.
  • It is 100 %  Recyclable  , Sustainable  & Eco friendly material since it is free from CFC and HCFCs
  • EPS does not absorb moisture and its thermal and mechanical properties are unaffected by damp, humidity or moisture.

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