Here are some of the Void Filling Projects made by STYRO UAE

EPS Void Filling

STYRO UAE is known for its prominence and competence in the EPS manufacturing industry. In fact, our presence is recognized in the MENA region –and because of this, more brands and even individuals seek our help in our services like EPS void filling.

Through the years, we have been giving nothing but the best EPS products that our clients can use in packing, packaging, art, décor, construction, and insulation purposes. It has always been our pleasure to be their most trusted EPS manufacturer and we will never stop in giving them unsurpassed services that can help in their business and company’s growth.

We offer various kinds of services which utilizes expanded polystyrene like void filling, floor raising, geofoam, and many others. With our extensive experience and intensive knowledge, you can rest assured that you will receive remarkable service from us.

Moreover, to give you an overview of our void filling, here are some of our prestigious projects using void filling:

Mersa Al Seef

The EPS blocks we supplied in this project gave Mersa Al Seef a light-flooring; hence giving it a raised floor that allowed durable utility pipes to go through it as easily as possible.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

If you are a fan of art, come and check out how pristine and intricate Louvre Abu Dhabi is! It’s not just art but a combination of creativity, excellence, professionalism, and class! Through STYRO void filling, everything is possible.


If you want to take time and reconnect with nature for a while, you should go to Bluewaters and feel disconnected with the busy life we have at the city and focus on yourself while you’re at Bluewaters. STYRO UAE is more than just manufacturers – we provide solutions to all constructions projects through our EPS applications.

Dubai Festival City

Deemed as one of the best malls in Dubai, Dubai Festival City is adorned and covered with superb embellishments that make it stand out from the rest. With our hard work and dedication at STYRO UAE, we have successfully accomplished all the projects that needed.

And the light-weight void filling is just one of our numerous services at STYRO UAE. Therefore, you can always come to us whenever you need help regarding construction, packing, packaging, art, décor, and insulation purposes and we’ll do our best to accommodate you in the most professional way possible.