Let STYRO create your Eid Theme & Décor

STYRO Wishes you a blessed EID

From all of us at STYRO – Happy Eid and best wishes of happiness.

Draw Smiles and spread joy this Eid!

Time flies so fast and the next we know, it’s already Eid Holiday. Are you ready for the big event? Have you planned where you should spend it? Are your homes ready for the upcoming celebration?

STYRO marvelous designs and sculptures are sure to turn heads. If you’re going to ask what type of base material should you use to decorate your home with, we’ll recommend EPS sheets for decoration and backdrop. Styrofoam- in its sense- is a flexible material that can be shaped into any design, perfect to turn it into any concept that is in your mind.

For the upcoming Eid, it’s quite advisable for you to choose expanded polystyrene material to use in your adornments. Whether you put it in your commercial or residential place, we, STYRO UAE, are glad to provide you with the all EPS solutions and materials that you should need, and if you want, we can construct your ideas as well and turn it into reality.

Eid holiday will not be completed without extravagant decorations – in malls, you will see massive sparkling adornments to emphasize that this season is a time for celebration as well; a time for sharing, good deeds, and soul replenishment.

If you want to create your own Eid decorations, however, you can choose from any of the ideas we have listed below and have fun with your family and friends.

Back drop walls

Backdrop walls are cloths painted and decorated to get hung at the backside of the stage. It serves as the background – something that can reveal a setting and condition that can make the place look better. STYRO UAE creates backdrop walls that can make your Eid even better.

Crescent Moon Decorations

Crescent Moons have always been the best decoration for celebrating the Eid season. The crescent moon symbolizes God’s guidance on the paths of people; hence made it meaningful and significant. No matter the size of the crescent moon you want to put up, STYRO UAE, the leading expanded polystyrene supplier in Dubai, can do it for you.

Light Up Your Room with Glittery Stars

Who doesn’t want to have glittery stars adorned around their event’s place? It makes event more lively and energetic. It’s a good combination to put with the crescent moon. With its glitters and sparkly look, it surely will light up the event’s place – and STYRO UAE can construct just the right stars that you need.

Good Deed Tree

The Tree of Good Deeds is a visual representation of how our small deeds can actually grow into something big and strong. It is actually a good decoration that not only kids will love but people of all ages. And if you want some ideas for putting up your Tree of Good Deeds, STYRO UAE can help you with that.

Styrofoam balls

With STYRO UAE’s help, you will need not to worry about where you can get these Styrofoam Balls that you need to make your place look good. With Eid coming up, all you need is a professional help like STYRO UAE can give.

Cut Out Letters – “Happy Eid”

Of course, cut-out letters that say “Happy Eid” will never go old. It will always be included in the list if event decorations that you can use in your events. And STYRO UAE can deliver them for you – no matter how small or big your letter must be, they can construct it.

3D Camels

For sure, 3D Camels will be the center of attraction if you put in your events. And as the leading EPS manufacturer, constructing this won’t be a problem for STYRO UAE. They can build the good ones only for you.

If you design in your mind please contact STYRO and our artist team will provide you with the most amazing finished pieces you desire. Being the leading expanded polystyrene supplier in Dubai, and all over UAE, you can rest assured that all our EPS products are durable and versatile enough to suit your needs.