STYRO Created EPS Decorations for Enterprises To Celebrate FIFA World Cup 2018

styro eps FIFA World CupAs the leading EPS manufacturing company in the UAE, it’s a not a surprise to know that some enterprises from all over UAE have come to seek STYRO UAE’s help in creating their customized decorations for this season of FIFA World Cup 2018.

The hype was evident even days before the matches even started. The World Cup has always been of the most anticipated events every year. In this event, countries from all over the world compete in a football tournament. This year, it’s currently ongoing in Russia and it will end on July 15th, 2018.

And of course, to keep up with the pace of the current hype, as an enterprise, you might need to have your own decorations regarding the World Cup as well. Adorn your place with life-sized beautifications that can enliven the spirit of the tournament, in this season of FIFA World Cup 2018.

If you are looking for a provider, however, you can always count on us at STYRO UAE. In fact, we have already helped Rexos Hotel in Ras Al Khaimah and Hard Rock Café in Dubai with their decorations.

For Rexos Hotel, we built a life-sized representation of the mascot of Tea Russia – cheeky, intricate, and close to reality. Our curators at STYRO UAE took ample time to design and create a mascot holding a football with Russia 2018 text written in on its shirt. Clearly, all Russian fans would love this work because it exactly looks like the authentic Russian Mascot that you see in the World Cup. Using our high-quality EPS products, we have successfully made this piece of art.

And for Hard Rock Café at Dubai Festival City, we built a massive football that is made from a gigantic STYRO ball. We imprinted the logo of Hard Rock Café Dubai on top of the football and delicately colored the ball with black and white, with lines close to that of the real football.

These two projects we made are perfect exemplars of how flexible we are when it comes to creating decorations based on EPS solutions and materials.

If you ever need to an embellishment that you will put in your enterprise, in any season of the year, just contact STYRO UAE and we will gladly turn your ideas into reality.