STYRO DCL Certified Products – A Proof of Credibility as an EPS trusted Factory

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It is a known fact that it’s not easy to get the DCLD’s (Dubai Central Laboratory Department) Certificate of Product Conformity. This certification acts as a proof that STYRO products have been assessed based on specific rules of DCLD and passed accordingly.

But nevertheless, we, STYRO UAE take pride in passing the aforementioned certification even years before. We are one of the first companies to attain this certification in UAE. Our Expanded Polystyrene Thermal Insulation products have undergone strict factory assessment in accordance with DCLD Document Ref. No. DM-DCLD-RD-DP21-2001 and successfully conceded and conformity with the standard specification ASTM C578-16.

In this certification, it emphasizes the fact that we, STYRO, is the leading Expanded polystyrene factory that there is in the UAE, having the privilege to attain one of the hardest certifications in Dubai. It also proves that all our products at STYRO are made from high-quality materials, giving the most efficiency and reliability to all its applications.

It is stated in the certification that all the qualities of our products and its properties are credible and true – hence, assuring our customers that they can rely on the effectiveness of each of our products at STYRO like the STYRO Graypor and all EPS products.

STYRO has been in the industry for more than 18 years – we have managed to make our own identity in the industry through our unsurpassed services and the state-of-the-art applications that one can do using our high-quality products.

Our EPS products at STYRO are ecofriendly, fire retardant and lightweight with high-thermal insulation. These EPS products are perfect for Art, Décor, Packing, Packaging, Insulation, and Construction purposes. We are the number one choice of companies from different industries when they are in need of these services. Our limitless applications and unrivaled end-products have made them well known in the market.

This certification just adds to our milestones at STYRO – an evidence of our unmatched professionalism and services that many organizations and individuals can benefit from. Thus, if you want to see how STYRO UAE works as the leading EPS manufacturer in the UAE, you can opt for our wide array of services in Art, Décor, Packing, Packaging, Insulation, and Construction purposes.