STYRO UAE’s Showroom – The First of its Kind in GCC

STYRO UAE is known for its world-class EPS solutions and applications. Being the leading Expanded Polystyrene material suppliers in Dubai and UAE have made us become mindful of all the services and solutions that we give to our clients – we always make sure that they will be given the best and highest quality of service that we can offer.

We have already proved our excellence through our various achievements and turnkey solutions that can be applied to Art, Décor, Packing, Packaging, Construction, and Insulation industries. Even our certifications boast our professionalism and unsurpassed quality of the products and services we offer at STYRO UAE.

And now, we just opened our showroom that is open for everyone – it’s actually the first of its kind here in the GCC. We are honored to be the first EPS manufacturing company to display our incomparable products and applications to the public and let them see the real-life representations of all our unique products and services.

The showroom has everything we offer at STYRO – all demos from Art, Décor, Packing, Packaging, Construction, and Insulation applications are displayed in an intricate manner. These displays will make our relationship between our customers stronger and better – it will help our customers see what we are truly capable of doing and through these structures, they would witness the end-product of our unsurpassed EPS Solutions.

Our goal in showcasing our showroom is to serve our customers better. By providing a real demo where they can touch, feel and get the specification of our high quality polystyrene. We always make sure to develop our services – to exceed our customers’ expectations through best services and all our other achievements combined.

We have been in this industry for over a decade already. Our extensive experience and unrivaled professionalism have already been attested by our faithful customers and we won’t rest in proving to our prospective customers as well, especially to all who are coming to our showroom.

As the leading EPS factory in the MENA, it is our honor to give the highest quality of EPS products and services to our clients – no matter what they need, we are always ready to deliver it to them and make their visions turn into reality – we will be the curator of your visualizations and apply it to your enterprise or even for personal needs.

With that being said, never hesitate to visit us, if you ever need any kind of EPS application or service for your residential or commercial use like an expanded polystyrene packaging, art projects or anything at all.