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styro eps application

We may not be noticing however we utilize Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) practically every day – it’s one of the most flexible products that can be transformed into almost anything and make our lives easier and better.

There are actually a lot of uses and applications of Expanded Polystyrene. Being incredibly strong, durable, lightweight and eco-friendly, different industries have now learned how to use it to their advantages – to their products and services.

EPS are versatile – it’s easy to handle and it can be applied for different purposes. To let you understand deeper why EPS is a preferred material for almost all kinds of industries, here are some of the applications of EPS:


The compressive strength, thermal, floating and longevity properties of EPS make it suitable for the construction industries, architects, and developers all agree that using EPS in the construction processes can promote long-lasting and sturdy properties to all construction needs.


Thermal Insulation
Exterior Insulation Finishing System EIFS
Insulated precast panels

Void Fill
Geofoam & landscaping
Raised Floor

Void Form
Parapet Mold
Floatation buoys

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration)

Because of the intact and remarkable thermal properties of EPS, HVAC industries are using EPS as duct /pipe insulation. EPS can reduce heat loss and maintain the temperature of the products such as Fridges, refrigerators, chiller and coolers. etc.


Fridge component housing
Air conditioning systems
Thermal covers

Packing and Packaging

Consumer products usually need packages that can preserve its original qualities – these EPS packaging materials can help in reserving products such as fragile items and many others.


Home Appliance, Electronics and household packaging
Temperature controlled packaging
Perishable goods for shipping or transportation

Art and Decoration

EPS is also perfect for art and decoration. Because of its versatility, it can be molded into almost anything – no matter what shape, size, or how it looks like. It can actually be used as illustrative and decorative material that individuals and professionals need.


Visual aids
Students’ projects
Event decorations
Exterior and interior designs

Some advantages of utilizing EPS products and solutions:

1. Fire Retardant
2. Durability
3. Thermal Insulation
4. Lightweight
5. Easy to handle
6. Fire retardant
7. Eco-friendly
8. Cost-effective
9. Flexible
10. Strong and toughness

At STYRO, all the Expanded Polystyrene solutions that we offer are exactly handled to guarantee world-class outcomes that our clients expect. We condition, mold, and shape all our EPS products perfectly and all our designers and engineers in our team are equipped with more than enough knowledge to be able to give what our clients want.

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