The Hotels Decorations that STYRO UAE Can Do For You

STYRO UAE is not considered as the best supplier of expanded polystyrene packaging materials or EPS products only – their presence in creative & art industry and palpable brand awareness are all because of their world-class services that have been evident ever since they opened their doors to the public.

In fact, throughout the years, STYRO UAE has helped a lot in the hotel industry and gave them various applications of EPS sheets for decoration that adorned their place in remarkable ways, like:

Grand Hyatt Hotel

If you enter the Grand Hyatt Hotel, you will see a 25-meter high wall Sand Dunes. Artists and engineers from STYRO UAE worked together to mold this detailed sand dunes and make it realistic. All guests of Grand Hyatt Hotel are amazed by this work of art.

W Dubai – The Palm

W Hotel is a luxurious hotel located in Palm Jumeirah. Being world-class, they made sure that all the aspects included in establishing this hotel and among the professionals that helped in constructing W Hotel are, of course, STYRO UAE. They provided EPS raised floor or raised flooring in the hotel resort and residential complex.

Atlantis Hotel

If you have already been to the Atlantis Hotel, you can see the intricate design of the exterior of it. The 3D models as well are beyond compare and all the other features of the hotel. If you’re wondering who made those – it’s actually STYRO UAE.

Burj Khalifa

One of the best EPS 3D Models that STYRO UAE made is the one for Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. It’s painted with a beautiful sunset over the sands. It’s life-sized so you can see that it’s clearly tall and high.

Burj Al Arab 3D Models

STYRO UAE has also provided some of the 3D models that you see at the world’s only 7-Star Hotel, Burj Al Arab. This is just a proof that even the world-class entities are also opting for STYRO UAE decorations.

And here are some of the hotels’ decorations that you can ask from STYRO UAE:

1. Interior Decorations

No matter what kind of interior decorations you would want to apply in your establishment, just tell STYRO UAE about your preferred design and they can materialize it for you.

2. Wall Panels

If you want to style your walls and make it different from the normal ones, STYRO UAE can adorn your walls in a way that you would want it – even your guests will love it.

3. Floor Raising

Floor raising is a good application especially if you want to have better landscapes. With all the EPS products of STYRO for construction purposes, you can rest assured that you will have excellent raised floors.

4. Ceiling

With STYRO UAE, you can also make your ceiling stand out and adorned with different styles that you want to apply.

5. Façade Exterior Decorations

Your exterior design can give you a good curb appeal – and with STYRO UAE’s façade exterior decorations, you can achieve it and have a design that stands out from the rest.

6. Landscaping

Landscaping should be done by reliable professionals because it can make your vicinity look better and appealing. With STYRO UAE’s EPS construction products and services, your landscape will look its best.

7. SPA and Swimming Pool

Constructing spas and swimming pools take effort, time, and professionalism. If you want to have it in your residential or commercial establishment, you can ask the help of STYRO UAE and it will be done efficiently.

8. SPA Furniture

All the accommodations that SPAS give to customers are quite complicated to do – however, STYRO UAE’s knowledge expands to the application and construction of spa furniture, which is why you can ask their help if you need anything regarding this.

Indeed, STYRO UAE’s reputation of being the best Expanded polystyrene manufacturer in the MENA just keeps on being proven as years go by. They never cease in giving the high-quality EPS products and services for all their clients.

So, if you need their help, contact  now and let them do the job for you.