The Main Reasons To Use Precast Insulated Walls in your Homes Now

pre cast wall panels

STYRO UAE provides the core materials for EPS insulation panels, hence, in making Precast Insulated Walls for residential and commercial places. These kinds of insulated walls actually offer a lot of benefits, making it a good choice as wall panels that can give people so much comfort and convenience.

As a leading factory of expanded polystyreneSTYRO takes ample time in developing state-of-the-art solutions to Art and Décor, Packing and Packaging, and Insulation and Construction industries. We have been in the industry for a long time already, making us renowned and prominent in the field that we are in. Top brands and enterprises seek our help regarding EPS solutions and applications; hence, a proof that we are credible, reliable, and able to provide all the needs and requirements of our faithful clients.

As for Precast Wall Panels, each is fabricated meticulously, before it is exploited to construction sites. Basically, the procedures are:

Precast Mould Preparation:

  • layer of Reinforcement
  • Concrete Pouring and Leveling
  • Placing of STYRO Graypor Boards ( for insulation )
  • Second layer of Reinforcement and Concrete
  • De-shuttering

And why should you consider opting for this kind of panels for your residential homes?

High Thermal Insulation

These walls have unrivaled insulation properties – it can be used in different climate conditions and it also acts as a thermal storage that can reduce or maintain temperature degree inside the establishment.


The core materials used in making EPS insulation wall panels are sustainable and eco-friendly. Since it is made from STYRO Graypor there is minimal energy and debris that can be found while fabricating the wall panels.


Since the panels itself have high thermal insulation properties, it can make you save energy costs as well. These panels are durable enough to withstand different weather conditions; hence, the lifespan of the applications are longer than you can expect. Aside from that, you will not need to spend too much on its maintenance because it has nearly maintenance free building components.

Expellant physical properties

Actually, it’s not just water resistant, it’s fire-retardant, lightweight, and sound insulated as well. Therefore, whilst you are inside an establishment surrounded by these kinds of wall panels, you can rest assured that you will be safe from outside elements that can disrupt your daily activities.

All these are made possible through STYRO core insulation capabilities. In fact, this is the reason why STYRO, are the leading Expanded Polystyrene manufacturer in the UAE after all these years. Moreover, if you ever need any of our help, never hesitate to contact us and you can guarantee that we will be able to accomplish any of your required needs.