Some of the World-Class Ceiling Decorations that you can get from STYRO UAE

STYRO UAE is considered as the most recognized expanded polystyrene manufacturer in the MENA region. We have been in the industry for almost a decade and we never ceased in looking for more ways to serve our clients better – innovating as the years go by, our faithful clients and successful projects are our proofs of our excellence in the industry.

At STYRO UAE, we provide numerous EPS products and applications – our EPS sheets for decoration can go up to the extra mile so that it can accommodate all that you need. In fact, we can even give you ceiling decorations for your residential or commercial place, which will make your setting even more classy and elegant.

Our team at STYRO UAE is all equipped with the right knowledge and skills to execute and materialize all the ideas that our clients have in their minds. Our experience in this field has made us be skillful producing all that our customers need – may it be for packing, packaging, art, décor, insulation or construction purposes, you can trust that we’ll be able to do it for you.

As for our ceiling decorations, here is a quick overview of the embellishments that we can execute in your place:

Intricate Designs

We know how to make a simple design look alive and better on your ceilings. We can customize the shape, size, and give it a good finishing so that it will look perfect and suited for your overall residential or commercial place’s theme.

STYRO Ceiling Tiles

Our EPS ceiling tiles can make your place look appealing and be properly insulated at the same time. It’s light-weighted; hence, through our latest technology we can cut and crop it into shapes that you want and adorn it on your ceilings – additionally, because it is made from styrofoam, you can also guarantee that its insulation property can enhance the thermal qualities of your place.

Custom Applications

As your trusted partner for your ceiling decorations, you can discuss everything with us – your ceiling’s design, look, theme, color, additional features, special sorts, and we’ll do our best to produce it exactly as you wanted it to be.

Indeed, as the best Styrofoam suppliers in Dubai, we also know how to utilize these Expanded Polystyrene materials that we have in our manufacturing company and apply it to the needs of our clients.

Hence, if you require any Styrofoam application for your residential or commercial place, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime you need our help.