The Future of Landscaping Solutions with STYRO

Dubai’s construction industry is booming and in this highly competitive sector, it is important for every corporation to be at the top of their game. According to global reports, UAE is regarded as the most preferred location when it comes to construction. The country offers only $1,455 per square feet, being the lowest among other developed countries including San Francisco, Zurich, London, and Paris.

Among several services offered by the constructional units, landscaping solutions is certainly growing high in demand. Landscape sustainability is a notion that is often repeated and preached by many firms which put tremendous pressure on both consumers and corporations. One of the main reasons for such high demand is due to the tremendous growth and initiation taken by the emirate Dubai. You would witness striking landscapes and construction buildings in different shapes and forms which you would probably not have seen elsewhere.

We at STYRO have years of experience in this industry, providing quality and effective landscaping solutions. One of the recent projects done by our expert engineers and designers is for Bluewaters Island located in Jumeirah Beach Residence. Starting from producing STYRO blocks to shaping, delivering them and implementing, we make sure that they are of the highest quality. Unlike filling the underground with sand or soil, we instead fill them with STYRO blocks in order to give a strong foundation and beautiful design to the entire area.

For instance, in a golf field, this type of landscaping can turn out to be extremely useful and effective. Once the STYRO EPS blocks are shaped and placed, we cover it with little soil/sand, then grass, plants or any kind of agriculture in order to give a natural look to the entire location. One of the reasons for choosing this method of landscaping is because of the ease of process and handling in the site. Moreover, the Expanded polystyrene Blocks manufacture by STYRO are extremely lightweight which makes it convenient to assemble and deliver. In fact, the unlimited block shapes provided by STYRO is one of the most  important element to choose Styrofoam blocks in all landscaping applications.

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Overall, STYRO repeatedly has been providing services with a touch of innovation, technology and most importantly the effort to satisfy our clients. Click here for more information on landscaping solutions.

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